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Frida’s relationship with her husband Diego Rivera, was as variable as the winds of a hurricane and just as intense,…

Ranging from deep love…

“Your hands made me tremble all over…”
The Earthquake, Item 2

“Your immeasurable passion enfolded me, the flames of our love were immense…”
Flames of Passion, Item 1

“As a woman I was able to give you more than any other…”
The Earthquake, Item 2

To hope…

“Give me illusion, hope, desire to live, and do not forget me”.
Tangled Hair, Item 10

“I am here to forgive you, here to love you; where are you, Diego, where are you”?
The Sad Gypsy, Item 11

“Which is my path? To do what you do, going from the embrace of one to another, to sleep with someone today and with someone else tomorrow?”
The Sad Gypsy, Item 11

“You know that I love you very much and I forgive you for everything you have done, I miss you and I want you to come back to me”.
Naked Soul-Trapped in Coyoacán, Item 12

“Diego let me live, [I am] always wasting away because of you”.
Wasting Away, Item 20

To repugnance…

“Diego, you are a fucking flash in the pan”.
Fatuous Fires, Item 22

“Without being a virgin you go saying that I already did it to you. Spare me, You bastard Diego”.
Spare Me, Diego!, Item 16

“They will say how fucking hot you were, Diego, they all loved you and you despised them all and Frida even more”.
My Mutilated Body, Item 33

“[You] compulsive liar and pervert”.
The Sad Gypsy, Item 11

“Every time I talk with you I end up dying more, a little more”.
Naked Soul-Trapped in Coyoacán, Item 12

“Take the road you wish to take, let the tide of evil drown sink you and bury you, that will be your destiny”.
The Earthquake, Item 2