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To: Museum Directors,


Museum Marketing Managers,

Museum CFOs

An exhibition of the Heart of Frida collection containing Frida Kahlo’s secret letters and drawings will meet your most demanding artistic and financial requirements:

High profile:     Positive press coverage because of public interest in Frida Kahlo’s life and works
Major revenues: A proven draw for fee-paying visitors, who will buy Frida books at the museum store, and tell their friends to attend
Broad appeal: The collection captivates young and old, men and women
Intense response: Visitors to the Heart of Frida respond with a strong positive emotional involvement
High margins: Low costs to curate and mount the exhibition
Sponsorships:  There are many proven sponsors of Frida’s exhibitions


Here are the key facts about the Heart of Frida collection:

  • Three successful exhibitions in Mexico
  • Significant press coverage in the US and Mexico
  • Over 10000 visitors (8298 paid)
  • Over 2000 written comments (all favorable)
  • The exhibitions earned governmental sponsors (at Museo de Arte) and private sponsors (CSM in San Miguel)
  • Our proven capacity to curate to the space available
  • Positive comments from museum experts, see below

”The show has had a welcome reception from our audience and has received a large number of comments praising its quality and significance. It has also had an extensive coverage in the media.

”I have no hesitation to recommend the exhibition, as it can be very attractive for national and international audiences.”


Marcela  Herbert Pesquera, Director, Museo de Arte, Queretaro

A “rare and compelling jewel of a collection.”

Barbara Levine, former Director of Exhibits, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (and author of Finding Frida)

“As a former university curator of special exhibits, I have dealt with significant collections of literary and historical manuscripts, letters and documents, but I have never encountered a more impressive concentration of materials than [the Heart of Frida collection].”

Robert Verich, PhD, Archivist and Professor Emeritus, University of Mississippi

“Very raw and powerful. Even the most learned scholar.. to the Frida novice… will leave this exhibition with a deeper and more profound understanding and, at the very least, a different perspective of who Frida really was.”

Noralisa Leo, External Affairs Officer, Smithsonian Latino Center

For more information call or email:

Graeme Howard, the owner of the collection               
From the US: 415 462 6399 (Vonage)
From Mexico: 415 152 5296 (TelMex)

Jesus Malagon, Collection Manager
From the US: 011 52 415 111 0307 (Telcel)            
From Mexico: 415 111 0307 (Telcel)