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Arturo García Bustos
Mexico City
Friday, 6 March 2006


To whom it may concern:

Joanne and Graeme Howard revealed to me what they call the [“Heart of Frida” collection,  formerly known as “The Crippled Eagle” portfolio], soliciting my opinion about the authenticity of the documents, with the knowledge that I had spent eleven years of my youth close to the great Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo, and that as a disciple of hers, I am able to express my observations on the authenticity of this material to them; for during that time it was possible for me to get to know her unique personality, handwriting, and her pictorial technique as well as a part of the ambiance in which she lived in the “casa azul (blue house)”.

On the Howard’s second visit, they showed me the originals of these drawings and  letters which they kept folded inside a beautiful Mexican crafted box in which Frida Kahlo’s signature can be read. The box  contains 37 important documents, of which 8 are letters written by Frida Kahlo inside envelopes addressed to herself, 27 are notes, almost all signed, and 2 are post cards from the city of Paris written by her, one them signed FK. Neither of them was ever mailed.

In addition they showed me 6 drawings on paper of different sizes done in ink, watercolor and charcoal signed by Frida Kahlo.

I am pleased to be able to affirm and testify that these are 43 authentic pieces of the very important twentieth Century artist Frida Kahlo, therefore I extend this letter of authenticity that attests the originality of these pictorial works, notes, letters and manuscripts that make up the [“Heart of Frida” collection, formerly known as “The Crippled Eagle”], property of the Howards.

Arturo García Bustos
Numbered Member of the Academy of Arts
Read Article by La Jornada July 24, 2007
The letters of The Heart of Frida
"are authentic"

García Bustos